Shoukat Group of companies, Past, Present and Future

The Group had its beginnings in 1972, with a company named “ Shoukat & Sons” , a sole proprietor business, which was a retailer for electrical appliance at Bohar Gate, Multan. As business improved, another shop was set up at Shoukat Traders o/s Bohar Gate Multan Headed by Mahboob Ellahi in 1992 and take the Disributions of Many national and multinational companies and start the wholesale business at wide level.

“Shoukat Electronics” a new company was formed in Haram Gate in 1998, this area is famous for major Whole sale market for Electric business.

Shoukat & sons, Gujrat was a new company who started the production of Electric Fans by brand “SHOUKAT FANS” for deomestic and export markets in 2002

As business improved company started to import the small household appliances and Energy Saving Lamps in 2005 by brand “ST”

The name “ST” Meaningfully created by it’s founder Sh. Shoukat Ali. “ST” was coined from two letters “S” for the “Sure” and “T” for the “Trust” , means “ST” stands for “Sure Trust” and today “ST” products are truly interpretation of it’s name “Sure Trust”. The brand name has the distinction of being Pakistan’s very first local brand of small electric home appliance who make the courage to market the goods with their own local brand name. Otherwise before every company is taking the support of any other origins like Japan. Germany and france.

By the Grace of Almight ALLAH and co-operative dealers and our dedicated marketing team company sales stood 3rd in the whole country with the year of it’s launch and this is still growing.

“ST” always holds a strong belief in its own quality policy that “ST” is committed to deliver quality products and services in meeting customers’ satisfaction, and to always consolidate its position as the leader in quality and reliability. The reliability of the product is achieved through constant product improvement generated from R & D headed by a team of qualified engineers and highly trained technicians and better quality materials for use in the production.

ST had indeed increased the efficiency and effectiveness in operation, sales and services distinctively. With a few years only , the name “ST” has become synonymous with reliability and durability and the group has evolved into a well- known player in the home appliances market.

In 2012 We started the Production od ST Fans with the Name of "Shoukat Sons" at our new factory at Gondlanwala Road (Gujranwala - Pakistan) ST Fans Are made with one of best available Materials. To make the Best Quality Products, complete range of "ST Fans " are made with 100% Pure Copper Wire.

We also have a State of the Art Motorcycle/ Microwave Oven Assembling Plant in Industrial Estate Multan.

Moreover, in 2013 we have started the Production of Chest Freezers of 16 Models in Different Sizes. We are also working har to lauch the Refrigerators to be launched before the Summers of 2014.

INSHALLAH,Very Soon SGC is going to start it's Operation in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Produce Complete Range of Electric Fans.


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